The Wrist Tape Dispenser


The average gift giver wraps approximately 42 presents per holiday season.

To ease the holiday wrapping madness is a product from RisTape.

RisTape is being hailed by home and professional gift wrappers and industrial packagers as a much more efficient way to use tape.

So unique that it is patented!

No more fumbling for tape when your hands are full.
Just pop a standard roll of tape on new Ristape and go!

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Key Features

Great for home use

Ideal for artists

Super for gift wrapping (birthdays, parties, Christmas)

Terrific for teachers

Easy for kids to use

Great for craft projects

Office use

Wide variety of industrial uses (masking, marking, wrapping)

Uses " or " tape

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RisTape, a conventional hand tape dispenser mounted on a hook and loop fastened wrist band, has been designed to function easily on either the right or left wrist. RisTape can be refilled with any standard disposable or standard refillable tape dispenser.

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